Tips for Maintaining Your Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are a popular item that a lot of people look to fit in order to give their car’s a better look and performance. But it is important that drivers carry out regular alloy wheels maintenance in order for them to maintain their look and performance. Alloy wheels look and performance can be adversely affected by factors such as dirt, dust and chemical compounds that they could come into contact with. This makes regular cleaning and maintenance of your alloy wheels important if you want to maintain the look of your alloy wheels.

Even though alloy wheels are more resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage than other wheel types, they still need regular cleaning and maintenance in order for them to maintain their look. Without alloy wheels maintenance, the fine look that they provide and make them so popular will gradually wear away and give off a bad look to your car, as well as start affecting their performance.

For some people alloy wheels maintenance may be a task that provides some problems as they are unsure of the correct measures that should be taken when maintaining and cleaning their alloy wheels. FMP Motor Factors have provided a guide on the importance of alloy wheels maintenance, as well as some tips on how to correctly maintain alloy wheels so that they continue to provide an excellent look that enhances your car.

Alloy Wheels Maintenance

As we have already mentioned, alloy wheels maintenance needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to maintain their look and performance. If they are not maintained, they will be more likely to corrode and then will need to be repaired. This means it is important that you protect your alloy wheels from corrosion as it could cause further damage to your car and in turn require great expense in order to make the repairs.

The first important part of alloy wheels maintenance is to protect them from chemicals. There are certain chemicals that can cause damage to the material of the alloy wheels and expose them to moisture. The main culprit of this is acid and alloy wheels are at the greatest risk of being exposed to these acids due to improper maintenance. Your alloy wheels could be exposed to acid when you use a cleaner that contains acid in order to clean the rims. Some people tend to use cleaners that contain acid due to a lack of knowledge, but drivers should instead use products that are specifically designed for cleaning alloy wheels to avoid acid exposure. Chemicals that are present in road salts can also cause surface damage and lead to corrosion of your alloy wheels. This again means that regular cleaning and maintenance of your alloy wheels is vitally important.

Another factor that could lead to your alloy wheels wearing is a build up of brake dust. It is normal for brake dust to be accumulated on the alloy wheels of the vehicle and if it is not removed timely, it will bond with the surface and dirt, and moisture will accumulate around it. This will lead to severe pitting and in turn corrode your alloy wheels. Brake dust can be easily removed from your alloy wheels through basic cleaning however. You simply need to use a specially designed cleaner or shampoo and give the rims a good rub with a soft brush that has been especially designed for this purpose.

Alloy Wheels Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Because some people are unaware of the correct way to maintain their alloy wheels, there are some mistakes that are made that can make the initial problem even worse. This means that it is important that people know the correct alloy wheels maintenance method in order for you to be able to maintain their look and performance for as long as possible. FMP Motor Factors have provided you with some common maintenance mistakes that are made and how you can avoid them.

  • Cleaning the rims directly on the car – when you only clean the rims directly on the car, it allows you to clean the front part of the alloy wheels but it is extremely difficult to remove any dust or dirt stuck between sections of the rims. So even though the front of the rims may look good, the inner part of the rims may still be exposed to damage and degradation. So before you start cleaning the rims, you will need to remove them and place them on sufficiently large enough support bars. You shouldn’t place them on the floor when removing them, as this will expose them to dirt and even harmful chemicals.
  • Washing the wheels after driving – you shouldn’t attempt to wash your alloy wheels directly after driving. This is because if you spray hot alloy wheels with cold water, the disks may crack and this will then require professional repair or a replacement will be required. Even if no damage does occur, the cleaning product that has been used may dry too fast and leave stains on your alloy wheels. This means that you should wait for a sufficient period of time for your wheels to cool down before attempting to clean them.
  • Using a hard brush for dirt removal – when you use a hard brush in an attempt to remove dirt from your alloy wheels, the bristles can easily cause scratches in the surface of the metal. This also applies to steel wool and all other cleaning tools with abrasive capabilities. These minor scratches may not seem that serious, but they can set the scene for further damage such as corrosion or cracking to the metal. In order to provide proper cleaning, you must use a brush with soft bristles and it should not have any sharp edges which may cause scratching.

You now know what common mistakes are made when maintaining your alloy wheels and now you know how to avoid them, you can carry out proper and effective alloy wheels maintenance that will maintain the look and performance of your alloy wheels for a prolonged period of time.

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