Cooling System Servicing

Keeping your cooling system is a very important part of maintaining the performance and smooth running of your vehicle. This makes cooling system servicing very important as without the correct servicing, you …Read more

Car Interior Accessories

There are a large number of interior accessories for cars available to motorists. These types of accessories allow you to personalise the look of the insides of your vehicles so …Read more


FMP is proud to announce sponsorship of a Buddy Bench at Bishopston Primary School in Swansea. This means that pupils at the school now have a safe place to go …Read more

Choosing Performance Car Parts

If you’re fed up of driving the same, tired out old vehicle but can’t afford to replace it, then why not have a look at the possibility of investing in …Read more

The true depth of the UK’s pothole problem revealed

As the UK recovers from a burst of icy weather and snow, no doubt more and more potholes will start to pop up on roads, giving motorists quite the bumpy …Read more

Starter Motor Faults

When you jump into your vehicle and it doesn’t start, it is very frustrating. The first thought that comes into most of our heads is to try to figure out …Read more

Keeping your Garage Equipment Well Maintained

It is important that all local garages keep their garage equipment properly maintained. If a garage is using equipment that has not been maintained in the correct way, there could be some …Read more

Essential Car Tools that Every Car should Have

No matter what kind of driver you are or how experienced you are in dealing with issues on your vehicle, every driver has had experience in using some sort of car …Read more

Wiper Blade Maintenance

Wiper blades are a very important part of any vehicle. It is vital that your wiper blades are always in the best possible condition to ensure that visibility when you …Read more

Drive Safely This Winter

With weather forecasters anticipating a particularly cold, icy and even snowy winter, all drivers need to take extra precautions when it comes to taking the car out in adverse weather …Read more

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