Brake Fluid Testing

It is important that drivers keep a regular eye on the level of the brake fluid that is in your car to allow your brakes to function fully. If your car starts to run low on brake fluid, or becomes empty all together, the brake pedal could possibly become stuck and this could have disastrous consequences for both you and other motorists on the road. This makes ensuring that the necessary level of brake fluid is always present in your vehicles at all times essential.

The brake fluid is a mixture of organic chemicals that transmits hydraulic pressure from the brake pedals through to the braking system. Without this hydraulic pressure being transmitted, the braking system could fail at any point. This means that regularly checking the brake fluid level, as well as checking it has not been contaminated in any way is very important to the efficiency of a braking system. To ensure that the braking system is functioning as efficiently as possible, drivers should also look at the condition of other parts in the braking systems such as the brake pads.

There may be some people who are unsure as to the correct way of checking the brake fluid in their vehicles, so FMP Motor Factors have provided a full guide on how to correctly test the brake fluids and ensure that the braking system is always functioning correctly when you are driving.

Brake Fluid Testing

As was mentioned before, it is vitally important that a sufficient amount of brake fluid is in your vehicles. This is because the brake fluid runs from the brake cylinder down to the brake lines and to both your front and rear brakes. Without enough brake fluid, air will get into the brake lines and result in not enough pressure being applied to the braking system and possibly the failure of your brakes. So how do you check the brake fluid level in your own vehicles and test it?

The brake fluid will be found in the master cylinder of your braking system and this is usually quite easily identified under the bonnet of your vehicle. You can then see the level of your brake fluid within your cylinder. It is advisable that the cylinder is kept as full as possible at all times to always ensure that there is a sufficient amount when on your travels. If you ever notice the brake fluid getting low, you need to ensure that you refill it as soon as you can. When refilling your brake fluid, it is very important that you avoid shaking the fluid in any way as this will cause bubbles in the fluid and result in air getting into the braking system.

When you are happy that there is a sufficient amount of brake fluid in your vehicles, you also need to test the brake fluid’s boiling point to ensure it has not been contaminated. Not many people know how to do this, so you can easily take your vehicles to a local garage for them to take a reading for you. To do this, a¬†purpose-designed brake fluid tester needs to be used as this gives a clear digital reading of the actual boiling point of your braking fluid and from this can decipher whether your brake fluid is defective. As soon as you notice that your brake fluid has been contaminated in any way, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. It is advisable that you take your vehicles to a specialist garage to do this as it is quite complicated and only people who have enough experience should attempt it.

Recent research that has been conducted by¬†Lubricants‚Äô Comma brand¬†has shown that an alarming amount of people are still driving with defective brake fluids in their vehicles. The research showed that nearly 1 in 10 motorists in the UK are unaware that they are driving with contaminated brake fluid and putting theirs and other people’s lives at risk every time they drive on the road. This shows that it is important that people are aware of the importance of brake fluids and ensuring that the brake fluid in your vehicle is always full enough and clean.

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