Common Signs of Transmission Problems in Your Vehicle

TransmissionIt is known to many people that the transmission has a very important effect on your car. The transmission is responsible for a lot of functions which includes sending power from the engine to the drive wheels through a series of gears. If the transmission on a vehicle is functioning correctly then it can keep your car running for a long time, but any transmission problems can lead to a serious effect on the health of your vehicle. This makes it important that any transmission problems that may occur are nipped in the bud very quickly in order to prevent more serious problems in the future.

If your car is starting to shake, or there’s a small pool of oil that gathers under your car when you park it, these are common signs of transmission problems. These are only early signs of transmission problems, but if they are not dealt with quickly then it can lead to more serious issues and this could have a more severe effect on your car, not to mention a sky high bill from a mechanic in order to repair it.

There are some people who are unaware of some of the common signs of transmission problems, so FMP Motor Factors have provided a guide so that you can keep an eye out for some of these problems and then take the necessary action to avoid possible catastrophic damage to your vehicles.

Most Common Signs Of Transmission Problems

As we mentioned previously, it is important motorists know what the early signs of transmission problems are so action can be taken to prevent more serious damage. But there are some people who are unaware of which signs they should be looking out for and therefore miss the early signs of transmission problems. This leads to serious damage occurring in the future and this puts the health of your car, as well as your own safety at risk, and not to mention the expense it will take to make the necessary repairs. Here are some of the signs of transmission problems to look out for:-

  • Car is leaking – if you ever notice a small pool of oil under your car when you are parked, this is a prime sign of a transmission problem. If the oil that has been leaking is red, then this is transmission fluid. The transmission fluid needs to be kept at a constant level at all times and if you notice that the transmission fluid level is low then this is a sign of a leak. A leak can cause serious damage to your transmission, so if you ever notice the level is low then you need to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Burning smell – a burning smell emanating from your car is always a concern, but if you smell burning transmission fluid then it is even more of a concern. Any burning smell can be a sign that your transmission is either overheating or leaking oil onto the engine. As soon as you smell this, immediately take your car to the mechanic as a leaky or overheating transmission could catch flames. You may be able to solve the burning smell issue by simply having the transmission fluid changed though, but this is a risk as there already could be damage to your transmission that needs urgent attention.
  • Car is shaking – If your car starts shaking, especially at high speeds, then it’s possible that your transmission is beginning to fail. However, a shaking car can also be early signs of other mechanical problems too, such as a faulty engine. When you notice your car shaking, take your car to your mechanic to ensure that your shaking car isn’t a sign of something more serious.
  • Check engine light is on – The check engine light could be on for a variety of reasons. It is easy to ignore that little light when it comes on, especially if you don’t notice any apparent issues with the car. However, that light usually indicates an issue that the vehicle’s computer has identified. This light coming on could be a sign that there is an issue with your transmission that you wouldn’t usually notice when driving, so don’t ignore it. Have a reliable mechanic check over your car’s transmission when you notice your check engine light is on.

Avoiding Possible Transmission Problems

You now know some common signs of transmission problems, but it is advisable that you take some preventative measures to limit the risk of any transmission issues occurring. There are certain basic maintenance tasks that drivers can regularly perform to ensure that the transmission is in the best possible condition and limit the chances of any failure or damage happening. Some ways in which you can avoid possible transmission problems are:-

  • Preventative maintenance – this may seem obvious but there are still people who fail to carry out basic vehicle maintenance. There is a reason that your manufacturer and car experts advise regular maintenance, so you should always pay attention to these recommendations. One basic maintenance task that should always be carried out is to change your filters and fluids. This will only take around half an hour and will have little cost but not changing the filters and fluids can lead to your transmission blowing. So by skipping these simple changes, you may have to pay hundreds of pounds in order to replace the transmission parts on your car.
  • How you drive – most transmission problems usually stem from overheating. This is usually caused by your engine heating up, the fluids breaking down and the oil loses its viscosity which leads to it not lubricating the engine as well. This is more likely to happen when driving more excessively or harshly like excessively accelerating and harshly breaking. This puts extra strain on the engine, causing the engine to heat up quicker and possibly causing transmission damage.

By taking some of the possible preventative measures and keeping an eye out for the common signs of transmission problems, you can greatly reduce the chances of severe and dangerous damage occurring with your vehicle and save you a lot money, and more importantly keep you and your passengers safe.

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