The Importance of Servicing Your Cooling System

close up of Coolant tank

Keeping your cooling system is a very important part of maintaining the performance and smooth running of your vehicle. This makes cooling system servicing very important as without the correct servicing, you are running the risk of your cooling system failing and thus requiring major repairs in order to retain it to full working order. If a cooling system problem does arise, it can be difficult to determine between a symptom of a possible problem and the actual cause of the problem within the cooling system.

When you notice any sort of problem with the performance or running of your vehicle, one of the first things that should be investigated is the cooling system as this is one of the most integral parts of a vehicle. A proper investigation of the cooling system should be undergone on a regular basis to ensure that all features of the cooling system is as it should be. Some people may be unsure as to what they should be investigating or servicing within the cooling system, so if you are not sure what you should be looking for then you can ask a qualified mechanic to check it over for you.

FMP Motor Factors have provided a guide that explains what is required to perform a successful cooling system investigation procedure, as well as the importance of regular cooling system servicing for the health of your vehicle.

Cooling System Servicing

This guide from FMP Motor Factors will run through a logical progression of the steps that is required for effective cooling system servicing. Servicing tasks such as checking the coolant level, ensuring the radiator fan is operating correctly and checking whether the coolant is old or contaminated are all very important as these ensure that the cooling system can function effectively. But as has been mentioned previously, some people are not confident enough or are simply unsure of how to correctly service their cooling system.

One of the most important part of servicing a cooling system is quite predictably, the coolant. The coolant should be being checked on a regular basis to ensure it is clean and it hasn’t been contaminated. A lot of people tend to miss some of the signs that the coolant may be contaminated as the coolant may look clean on first inspection, but looks can be deceiving. Some contaminants such as aluminium corrosion particles or mineral content in the water may be less obvious to the naked eye, so it is important that the coolant is changed around every 30,000 miles to make sure it maintains it’s cleanliness. If your vehicle has already done high mileage and your cooling has never been flushed, then it is highly likely that contamination of the coolant will be present.  A drain, flush and refill should be carried out as part of a preventive maintenance programme as this is not designed to rectify any problems with the coolant system.

There are a number of different coolants that are currently available but it is very important that only a certain type is put into the cooling system of your vehicle. Each vehicle’s cooling system will only be suited to a certain type of coolant and mixing coolant types can cause major issues to the cooling system. It can be difficult to identify the correct type of coolant for your vehicle as some coolants may be the same colour, but the ingredients within the coolant may be difficult. If you are unsure as to the correct type of coolant for your vehicle, you should refer to the manufacturer’s recommended specification.

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