Vehicle advice and guidance for Women Drivers

At FMP Motor Factors we firmly believe that the more you know about your care, then the better you can care for it and drive it.   So understanding the finer …Read more


FMP is proud to announce sponsorship of a Buddy Bench at Bishopston Primary School in Swansea. This means that pupils at the school now have a safe place to go …Read more

Conscious Car Simulator

Can you help with a new autonomous car simulator campaign. The ‚ÄėConscious Car‚Äô simulator allows you to programme an autonomous car‚Äôs ethical decisions by choosing who to protect in ‚ĶRead more

Air Con F-Gas Training

Do you or your team need Air Con F-Gas Training. FMP Motor Factors is holding two Air Con F-Gas training courses for garage owners and their employees.  F-Gas is the safety …Read more

Bald Tyres – Every Millimetre Matters

We recently posted a blog advising how to increase the life of your car tyres.  But did you know that new research shows 1.4 million UK drivers are driving with …Read more

FMP Appoints Two New Directors

FMP Motor Factors has appointed Dominic Ashley Thomas (25) and Joseph Morgan Thomas (24) both from Swansea as company directors.  The aim of the appointments is plan for the future …Read more

The Importance of Maintaining your Diesel Particulate Filters

If you are the owner of a diesel car, your vehicle will no doubt be fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) which have been fitted to diesel cars for …Read more

The effect of engine oil leaks on your car

If you are an owner of your own vehicle, then it is likely that you have had some sort of experience of an engine leak. But many drivers will simply …Read more

Essential Car Tools that every Driver should have

No matter what kind of driver you are or how experienced you are in dealing with issues on your vehicle, every driver has had experience in using some sort of car …Read more

Save Money by Buying a Used Car in December

Did you know that you can save hundreds of pounds if you purchase a new car in December rather than waiting until the New Year. Why?  Because this time of …Read more

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