When to change your Discovery 3 front hub bearings

Discovery 3Most drivers of a Discovery 3 aren’t aware that after time they will need to replace the front hub bearings.   The problem is that due to sophisticated suspension bushings combined with advanced soundproofing make it difficult for the driver to hear if the bearing is worn.  However, if you drive your Discovery 3 slowly, you will be able to hear the low mechanical rotational grating from underneath the vehicle. You will also feel the vibration generated by the tyres on the road or the rotating axles and their bearings.

The quickest and most efficient way of checking if your vehicle has bearing problems is to lift the wheels clear of the ground and, with the transmission in neutral, spin each wheel by hand, listening with your ear close to the hub.

Bearing deterioration on a Discovery 3

If bearing deterioration has started on your Discovery 3, the sooner the hub is replaced, the less chance of failure becoming expensive. The bearings themselves are not available separately, the hub needs to be replaced by a new one with new bearings pre-installed.

Even if you can only just hear the rotating noise at slow speed, that should be enough to take your Discovery 3 to your local garage for investigation.

You should find that, once the old hub has been removed and rotated by hand, you will hear a faint grating noise, which would be much louder if the vehicle was on the road.

Once a new hub has been fitted, the general change in noise level will be very noticeable with your Discovery 3 being exceptionally quiet.

Be mindful that the early stages of wheel bearing wear can be difficult to pin-point in the later models because the noise permeates all of the underside, and develops gradually, so is not always noticed until failure is near.

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