Report and points following Round 4 – the Rallynuts Severn Valley Stages


The ‘Englands’ continue to dominate …. Mixed fortunes for FMP crews overseas …. Sara continues her French adventure.

Martyn and Dawn on their way to outright victory on the Red Dragon Stages 2016. (Photo by Mike Frayne)

Martyn and Dawn England have extended their Challenge lead by taking their Fiesta R5+ to 3rd overall and 3rd in class on the Builth Wells based Severn Valley Stages. A 1st in class for Andy Davies in his Subaru Impreza takes him into second place whilst a 3rd elevates reigning Champion co-driver Siobhan Pugh to 5th in the current standings.

Reigning Champion driver Wynne Watkins campaign for the year got off to a fraught start on the recent Chris Kelly Memorial Manx National Rally. A delay on the fourth stage saw the crew start the test in darkness only to be hampered by a problem with the auxiliary lights. With two long fast stages to tackle and very little service time to rectify the fault, he and Ashley Trimble reluctantly decided to withdraw from the event.


Currently in third place:
Richard Barrow and Andrew Richards (left)
(photo by Mike Frayne)

Better luck befell recently registered 22 year old Chris Sharpe-Simkiss on his second rally in 7 days. Chris is partnering 23 year old Isle of Man driver Kyle Collister for a second season in his Peugeot 106 Rallye. Their 3rd in class result means that Chris now leads the Junior Co-driver category.

Sara Williams who nominated the Rallye Antibes is continuing her learning curve in France with the Renault Clio as this year is her first experience in a left hand drive car with paddle shift gear change. Sara commented, ‘With the amount of hairpin bends and corners this is the toughest rally I have ever done.’ The rally included the famous Col Du Turini stage used on the Monte Carlo Rally. A puncture on Stage 3 relegated her and co-driver Mark Glennerster to 65th place but they fought back to climb 20 places up the leader board by the end of the 14 stage event held in spectacular scenery.


Dale and Marc Clatworthy nominated the ORC Canal Rally in Flanders, Belgium to score FMP Points. Their day came to a premature end when a misheard pacenote call saw them enter a square left hand bend too quickly. They vaulted a ditch into a field, collecting a concrete post and 50 metres of barbed wire on the way. It’s too early to say whether the car will be fixed in time for the next tarmac round, the Harry Flatters Rally.

Regular FMP Contender Terry Brown in his newly built Escort Mk. 2 (Llys Y Fran Hillclimb) – Photo by Richard Gardener

We were pleased to receive the registration of 74 year old Terry Brown on the Severn Valley Stages. Terry has supported the ‘FMP’ every year.

Regulations are now available for FMP rounds, the Nicky Grist Stages and the current top 3 have already entered. Competitors may enter either the Day 1 gravel section of the event or the two day event. Also available are regs for the next tarmac round, The Harry Flatters Rally.

The Patriot Stages has had an enforced date change which requires a 100% positive response in favour from contenders in order to remain a Championship round.



Martyn England 79. Andy Davies 53. Richard Barrow 47. Jason Gardner 30. Ian Godney 30.  Jason Hodge 30. Aaron Jones J 30. William Mains 30. Chris Ransley 30.  Paul Robins 30. Dale Clatworthy*** 28. Paul Gunter 28. Mike Pugsley 28.  Mal Bayliss 26. Thomas Cooper J 26.  Chris Jones 26. Michael Jones J 26. Phill Lloyd 26. Ron Morgan 26.  Ian Taylor 24. Terry Brown 21. Richard James 15. Sara Williams** 13. Saleh Hijazi 12. Sacha Kakad 5. Garry Mannion 5. Richard Merriman 5. Peter Stephenson 5. Wynne Watkins* 5. David Williams 5.


Dawn England 79. Chris Ransley-Simkiss* J 56. Andrew Richards 47. Den Golding 44. Siobahn Pugh J 31. Graham Cox 30. Owen Evans J 30. Alan Hinton 30. Tudor Jenkins 30. Marc Clatworthy*** 28. Arwel Jenkins 26. Simon Jones 26. Sean Jones J 26.  Lee Taylor J 24. Den Golding 23. Annalize James J 15. Mark Glennester** 13. Gavin Haycock 12. Huw Evans 5. Ashley Trimble 5*.

J – Juniors

Points which include overseas scores:

*Manx National Rally ** Rallye Antibes *** ORC Canal Rally


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