Keeping your Garage Equipment Well Maintained

Equipment maintenanceIt is important that all local garages keep their garage equipment properly maintained. If a garage is using equipment that has not been maintained in the correct way, there could be some legal ramifications. It is the responsibility of the garage owner to ensure that all equipment that is being used in the garage has been maintained properly so it meets the requirements set by certain regulations.

Thorough examination of all workshop equipment needs to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that all functionality is as high as possible. This is so that if when using the specific piece of equipment, a fault was to occur, then the garage would not be liable to any possible legal action being taken against them.

FMP Motor Factors have created a guide that explains the importance of keeping garage equipment properly maintained and explains when the equipment within your garage should be checked to ensure your local business is protected.

The Importance Of Garage Equipment Maintenance

The importance of keeping your garage equipment properly maintained cannot be underestimated. If any equipment is found to have any faults whatsoever, garages could be suspect to legal action. If a piece of equipment were to break whilst working on a customer’s vehicle and damage to the vehicle was to occur, your garage would be at fault. This makes carrying out regular checks and maintenance on all workshop equipment vital to the reputation and future of your garage.

All local garages need to be in accordance with two regulations for them to legally run. Garages need to meet the LOLER 1998, Lifting Operations And Lifting Equipment Regulation, which calls for a thorough examination of lifting equipment, and the PUWER 1998, Provision And Use Of Work Equipment Regulations, which mandates regular maintenance of work equipment and ensuring it is ‘ft for purpose.

One such example of this, is when a lift is fitted many garage owners don’t realise it’s their responsibility to have a thorough examination carried out to ensure it has been installed correctly and is safe to use. Should a garage fail to have this service carried out, and there is a subsequent accident, the customer may not be covered by their insurance company – potentially leading to a hefty fine and a prison sentence.

When Should Garage Equipment Be Checked

So when should the workshop equipment within your garage be checked? It is important that regular checks are carried out to ensure that all equipment remains fully functional and can perform tasks on vehicles safely. After installing any piece of equipment, the following checks should be carried out in order to meet the relevant regulations:-

Seven days after installation you should check: The base anchor screw tightness, the tension of the motor drive belts and column fixing screw tightness.

Every three months you should check: The tightness of the base anchor screws and tighten the connecting bolts with a torque wrench. You also need to inspect the motor drive belt tension, tightness of all screws, arms locking systems and safety devices. Additionally you should monitor grease lead screw bearings at the top of the posts through the grease nipples and also clean any internal ways such as posts and carriage rubbing blocks.

Every 12 months: A visual inspection of all structural parts and mechanisms in order to verify absence of damage or malfunctioning, as well as a test of the electrical system.

While all of the checks here may seem in-depth, it’s a relatively straightforward subject and help is on hand if needed. Any GEA approved service company will be able to assist in organising either a thorough examination or routine maintenance. More importantly they will make sure that the equipment is safe, reliable and maintaining its manufacturer’s warranty.

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