Making Your Classic Car Look Like New

FMP is now a supplier of fillers and paint from the innovative, automotive paint manufacturer, Novol for classic cars.

These pioneering products have been developed and rigorously tested in Novol’s dedicated laboratories with a view to ensuring that all classic cars are guaranteed to receive highly effective, anti-corrosion protection along with a superb final finish.

How Does Novol Work

So you’ve found your dream car and it looked great in the photos but the paint’s dull, it’s micro blistered, there’s sunken filler and there’s rust.  In your mind’s eye you know that this car can look absolutely brilliant but there’s a process that needs to be followed  If you want this car to look great and to look great for a long time the you need to follow the Novol process.

So ,this is the start of the process, the car is taken back to bare metal and this is when the car is most vulnerable from attach by air born vapour so it could rust on the surface without us seeing it and that would contaminate it.  Any visible rust will first need to be neutralised with Novol’s recommended rust convertor.  This will then allow us time to do any fabrication work necessary without any further danger of rust occurring.

Once that’s done, we can clean it again and it’s time for the two pack Epoxy Primer on bare steel we’re going to need at least two coats of that if it has been media blasted, you will need at least three coats. There’s a 15 minute flash off between each coat at 20 degrees. And that’s most important. Once the final coat has been applied, it will need 24 hours at 20 degrees or alternatively 45 minutes in an oven at 60 degrees Celsius.  Start with the hard to reach places or the hard edges and then the rest of the body. Epoxyn hardener and thinner are all mixed (the ratios are 3 parts Epoxy to 1 part hardener plus 20% thinners.

Priming with Novol

Car is primed before doing any filler work because filler is porous it can absorb moisture from the atmosphere and hold it against the bare, clean steel causing rust and subsequent lifting of the filler and any other layers on top. We’re avoiding this by coating the steel in that barrier layer of Epoxy anti corrosive primer.  That means the steel will be kept in perfect condition underneath.

Now you’re ready to start painting.   Novol for classic cars has been developed and rigorously tested in its dedicated laboratories.  Meaning all classic cars are guaranteed to receive superb anti corrosion protection along with a superb final finish.   Novol has developed a range of fillers specifically for use on classic cars.

There’s Blue Light with its mixing indicator which helps to eliminate the problems caused by poorly mixed filler and there’s Elastic Fibre, useful in areas prone to flexibility.  And there’s aluminium filler which is used in areas subject to wide temperature variation like the bonnet or roof.

Barriers to Unalike Materials

Isolator primer is also developed and is most important as it provides a barrier between unalike materials so eliminating any reactions.

From bare metal, through to the protective primer, the correct fillers in the correct places (the Islolator primer, the colour coat and the clear coat) it really is absolutely stunning.  Your car will look as good today as when it left the workshop (no shrinkage, no cracking, no marks, no tell-tale signs that the vehicle has ever, ever been painted.

Novol for classic cars; now available from FMP Motor Factors.

For full information, see the video below:


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