Auto Body Shop SuppliesAt one point or another most vehicle owners will have felt the need to re-paint or touch up the paint on their cars. This could have been due to a minor accident, or simply just because the finish on the paint may have started to wear off. But whatever the reason, it is important that the correct type of paint is used or it will end up doing more harm than good.

Some people may look to purchase the paint themselves, but it is advisable to either go to your straight to your vehicle manufacturer or to a paint and body shop. Paint and body shops will be able to look at the exact colour of paint that your car requires and be able to provide this for you. This is a lot safer than attempting to purchase the paint yourselves. Even if a shade of paint looks exactly the same as the colour of your vehicle, there may be slight differences and if put onto a vehicle can leave your car looking even worse than it did previously.

Body Shops Tools And Equipment

When a car goes into a body shop to have some paint work done, they will use the paint code from the vehicles. Every car, van or commercial vehicle has a paint code that is specific to that vehicle. So the customer will usually call up and give us the paint code and tell them the quantity and type of paint that they want.  They will then put that code into their computer system to give them a mixing ratio that tells how to mix that exact colour.

In order to do this, auto body shops will need the correct sort of vehicle workshop equipment. Customers will require the correct sort of paint mixing equipment so that they can accurately make the exact paint colour that they require. A lot of paint and body shops will also provide repairs on any dents or bumps that may be present on the car before carrying out the paint job. This means will need the body shop consumables in order to carry out these repairs for their customers. This would be tools and equipment such as sanders, grinders and cutters.

Paint And Body Shops Swansea

FMP Motor Factors are a motor factors company that provides body shops tools and equipment to both local garages and customers across all of South Wales including Swansea, Port Talbot, Neath, Bridgend and many other areas across South Wales.

You can learn more about the kinds of auto body shop supplies that FMP Motor Factors provide to local garages and customers by watching the video below where Joe explains the types of motor vehicle tools that FMP provide.

If you would like to receive any more information on the range of body shop tools that are currently available at FMP Motor Factors, then don’t hesitate to either call one of our team or to pop into either our Swansea or Port Talbot offices.

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