After a lull in proceedings with a 10 week break, the FMP resumed on May 22nd at Dale, West Wales with the Lawrence Landfill Stages organised by Teifi Valley Motor Club.

Leader after 3 rounds was St. Ishmael driver Roland Llewellin who was seeded car 1 but unfortunately his Mitsubishi Evo X was not ready in time to make the start.

Roland has had mixed luck this year. After an impressive second in class on FMP rounds, the Mid Wales and Cambrian rallies, his attempts at the British Rally Championship and BTRDA series faltered with a broken half shaft on the Circuit of Ireland and a roll on stage 5 of the Somerset Stages.

Husband and wife pairing of Barry and Seyyan John from Brynamman were debuting their newly acquired Subaru Impreza and were looking forward to more power having used a non-turbo version last season. Unfortunately they were hit with fuel pump failure which ended their day.

Photo 4

Maesteg DMC’s Richard Evans with Vince Mosely

Richard Evans from Port Talbot is quickly gaining experience and had the expertise of Llandeilo engine tuner Vince Moseley alongside for his second ever rally in his Peugeot 205. They achieved 5th in their class.

Reigning Champion co-driver Chris Williams from Llandysul took to the driving seat late last year in his BMW compact. Continuing with a broken fan on the weekend took its toll as a cooked engine resulted in head gasket failure.


Photo 5

Top 5 contenders, Aaron Jones and Owen Evans

Junior Maesteg DMC members Aaron Jones and Owen Evans are climbing the leaderboard in their Honda Civic Type R. Aaron, who was 2013 Junior Champion, currently ties for 3rd with Owen now in the Top 5.

Robert Tout

Robert Tout

Ammanford’s Rob Tout had an early bath on Round 1 at Pembrey with turbo failure but showed his true potential at Dale when he achieved 2nd overall and maximum FMP points with son James calling the corners.

Current FMP leader Neil Williams with 3rd placed Peter James

Current FMP leader Neil Williams with 3rd placed Peter James



Cardigan 4×4 dealer Neil Williams again trounced fellow competitors in the Historic classes in his Escort Mk.2. Neil, who is the son of rallying veteran Corbett Williams has two maximum scores taking him to first in the series. His co-driver Peter James moves up to 3rd.

Leading Co-driver Siobahn Pugh with Mike Kimber

Leading Co-driver Siobahn Pugh with Mike Kimber

Last years FMP Champion co-driver Paul Wakely teamed with Bob Fowden to take a victory of over a minute, taking him to second in the Championship behind Siobahn Pugh. At just 22 years of age she has competed on over 65 rallies, this surprisingly being her first ever single venue event.





Two FMP contenders travelled to the Isle of Man after nominating the Manx Rally as their optional overseas round on which to take part. Swansea driver Wynne Watkins finished in the Top 10 and 3rd in his class in the Manx Challenge section of the event. 2015 FMP Two Seats Trophy winner Ian Taylor also gained 3rd in class points and his Dale Top 10 finish and 2nd in class brings him also into the FMP Top 5.

Over 20 contenders are entered in the gravel reserve round, the Severn Valley Stages starting from Builth Wells in June. Scores for this event will count if a forest round is cancelled this year.

The next sealed surface round is the Midsummer Stages at Caerwent. No spectators are permitted at this event.

Nicky Grist Stages organisers are giving priority entry to Championship contenders until June 6th. Over 80 entries have already been received so competitors are advised not to delay if they wish to.

Photos courtesy of Lyndon March

Remaining rounds:
Severn Valley Stages:                                                   June 4th First Gravel reserve
Midsummer Stages:                                                     June 12th
Nicky Grist Stages (Two day and Day one):           July 9th
Harry Flatters Rally:                                                   July 31st
Red Dragon Stages:                                                     August 20th
Woodpecker Stages:                                                    September 3rd
Patriot Stages:                                                              September 25th
Peter Lloyd Stages:                                                      October 23rd Tarmac reserve
Wyedean Rally:                                                            November 14th Second Forest reserve


Points Update:

Neil Williams 60 – ¬†Christopher Jones 56 –¬†Roland Llewellin 56-¬†Aaron Jones 54 –¬†Wynne Watkins 54 ¬†–¬†Nev Jones 52
– Chris Johns 48 –¬†Jason Hodge 44 –¬†Sion Ellis 42 –¬†Paul Bonas 37 –¬†Matthew Curzon 35 –¬†Dylan Davies 35 –¬†Robert Tout 35 –¬†Andy Davies 33 –¬†Chris Williams 33 –¬†Meirion Evans 31 –¬†Barry John 31 –¬†Sacha Kakad 31 –¬†Dave Brick 30
– Elfyn Evans 30 –¬†Osian Pryce 30 –¬†Terry Brown 28 –¬†Richard Evans 28 –¬†David Jones 28 –¬†Morgan Handford 28 –¬†Mike Pugsley 28 –¬†Rhys Yates J 28 –¬†Thomas Bayliss J 26-¬†Tim Cains 26 ¬†–¬†Carl Davies 26 –¬†Meirion Evans J 26 –¬†Matthew Jackson J 26 –¬†Mike Jewell 26 ¬†–¬†Sean Jones* J 26 –¬†Bob Vardy J 26 ¬†–¬†Jake McKenna J 24 –¬†David Perkins 24 –¬†Toni Carannante 23 –¬†Phil Clarke 23 –¬†Tim Cains 21 –¬†Andy Davison 19 –¬†Max Vatanen 16 –¬†Martyn England 10 –¬†Freddy Brick J 5 –¬†Dale Clatworthy 5 –¬†Neil Griffiths 5 –¬†Lee James 5 –¬†George Lepley J 5 –¬†Chris Lewis* 5 –¬†Emily Retallick 5 –¬†Clare Rix 5 –¬†Gary Wilson 5

Siobahn Pugh J 82 –¬†Paul Wakely 65 –¬†Peter James 60 –¬†Richard Crozier 59 –¬†Owen Evans J 54 –¬†Ian Taylor 54 –¬†Chris Davies J 52 –¬†Heather Merrison J 52 –¬†Alan Hinton 44 –¬†Craig Cameron 37 –¬†Kath Curzon 35 –¬†Llion Williams 35 –¬†Max Freeman J 33 –¬†Seyyan John 31 –¬†Osian Owen J 30 -Keaton Williams J 30 –¬†Cellan Evans J 28 –¬†Den Golding 28 –¬†Glyn Price 28 ¬†–¬†Chris Spilstead 28 –¬†Tom Woodburn J 28 –¬†Elgan Davies 26 –¬†Richard Jones J 26 –¬†Richard May 26 –¬†Claire Williams 26 –¬†Carl McElhinney 24 –¬†Daniel Nieroda 24 –¬†Sean Jones* J 22 –¬†Chris Lewis* 22 ¬†–¬†Tom Murphy 19 ¬†–¬†Dawn England 10 –¬†Arwel Jenkins 10 –¬†Toby Brick 5 ¬†–¬†Marc Clatworthy 5 –¬†Rob Cook 5 –¬†Ian Davis 5 ¬†–¬†Neil Daycock 5 –¬†Martin Haggett 5 –¬†Matthew James 5 –¬†Emma Jones 5 ¬†–¬†Eliot Retallick 5

* = Two Seats Trophy Points scorer (For competing as both Driver and Co-driver)
Equal points listed alphabetically. J ‚Äď Juniors (under 25)

Ist Overall – 30 1st in Class ‚Äď 30 2nd ‚Äď 28 3rd ‚Äď 26 4th – 24 5th – 23
6th ‚Äď 22 7th ‚Äď 21 8th ‚Äď 20 9th ‚Äď 19 10th – 18 11th ‚Äď 17 12th ‚Äď 16 13th ‚Äď 15
14th ‚Äď 14 15th ‚Äď 13 16th ‚Äď 12 17th ‚Äď 11 18th ‚Äď 10 19th ‚Äď 9 20th ‚Äď 8. Non finish -5

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