Air-Conditioning & Climate Control


This course facilitates a theoretical and practical understanding of light vehicle air conditioning systems and to assess technician’s theoretical and practical competence in the handling of refrigerant gases according to the DEFRA approved IMIAL Level 3 Award (EC842-2006) (QCF) standards.

On completion the participants will have underpinned their understanding of the fundamentals of how an air-conditioning system functions and will have a broader understanding of the environmental impact the release of refrigerant will have on the world’s climate and global warming.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    Methods of heat transfer, the AC loop
  • Components
    Compressor, condensor, receiver drier, expansion valve, evaporator, orifice tubes, accumulators, pressure switches, evaporator temperature probe
  • Refrigerants and the environment
    Refrigerants types and properties, safe handling of refrigerant, personal protection equipment, gas cylinder handling, Montréal protocol the facts, Kyoto protocol the facts, F gas regulations, GWP, GWP order of magnitude, health and safety
  • IMI Awards Assessment
    Practical and theoretical assessment according to the IMI awards standards
  • Additional Content in the 2-day option
    Introduction to Air-Condtioning & climate control, health and safety
  • Diagnostics
    Loop diagnostics, control system diagnostics

The European Union ruled that, as of 4th July 2010 companies dealing with F-gases MUST have appropriately qualified staff.

If you are directly involved with the recovery or handling of fluorinated gases including R134a, you will not be able to purchase F-gases without certified staff at your workshop.

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