Steering and Suspension Systems

The aim of this one-day steering and suspension course is to provide an understanding of steering and suspension principles, components and wheel alignment principles used throughout the light-vehicle industry. Many vehicles are fitted with Power Assistance to the steering system. The content of this course will provide an understanding of hydraulic, electric and electro hydraulic power assisted steering systems.

Course Content

  • Steering components
    Steering mechanism, linkages, ball joints, anti-roll bars, steering and suspension checks, steering column
  • Suspension components
    Suspension top mounts, anti-roll bar and linkage, shock absorbers, springs
  • Wheel alignment
    Over-steer – under-steer, wheel alignment, toe-in / toe-out, wheel alignment checks
  • Suspension geometry
    Camber/caster, KPI/SAI, Included angle
  • Pre-checks
  • Four wheel alignment
  • Power steering
    Hydraulic/electric power steering, electro hydraulic power steering
  • Steer by wire
    Principles, components
  • Active suspension

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