Engine Management & Emissions 1

The course will provide the technician with the necessary knowledge to understand, check, diagnose and repair an engine management and emission control system on light-vehicles fitted with spark ignition engines.

It also provides an information on types of exhausts, catalytic converters, lambda sensors, lambda value and other important emission control elements in catalyzed cars.

The technicians will use test equipment including multi-meters, oscilloscopes, fault code readers combined with an exhaust gas analyzer for diagnostic purposes.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    ECM operating principles, computer controlled systems
  • Electronic control principles
    Ignition, injection, engine management, ECU, communication, test equipment, fuel system – return & non return engine management power supplies, sensor supplies
  • Engine Sensors
    Engine speed sensor – inductive/hall, cylinder identification sensor, engine load sensors – vane, hot wire, MAP, temperature sensors, engine coolant, intake air, throttle position sensor, knock control
  • Close loop fuel control
    Oxygen sensors – zirconia, titania, wide band
  • Ignition control
    Conventional, wasted spark, coil on plug
  • Fuel Injectors
    Fuel injectors – Injection control – types of injection, injection control signal – injection duration control, air fuel mixture control
  • Other EM systems
    Variable intake manifold, idle speed control – rotary, solenoid, stepper motor
  • Emission control systems
    EGR, EVAP, secondary air systems
  • Diagnostics
    Self diagnosis system, fault codes, serial live data

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