Advanced Diagnostics

This course has been written as an extension to Diagnostic Day One and concentrates on the use of code readers and oscilloscopes for automotive diagnostics. The course will cover the function of oscilloscopes and their practical use. At the end of this course the technician should be able to identify common automotive based wave forms as well as be able to test a component for correct operation using both serial and parallel signals.

Course Content

  • Principles of diagnostics
    Serial port diagnostics, blink codes, serial port socket, communication issues, EOBD
  • Introduction to CAN and multiplexing
  • Parallel diagnostics
  • Oscilloscope use
    Test connections, oscilloscope design, voltage range, time base
  • Oscilloscope terminology
    Triggers, rising, falling slope, trigger level, analogue/digital signals, sensor signal quality, mechanical system failure, actuator switch quality
  • Diagnostic process
  • Other system tests
    Alternator tests, compression analysis
  • Component testing
    MAF sensor, MAP sensor, lambda sensor (zerconia type)

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