How to Increase the Life of your Tyres

TyresAs most motorists are aware, new car tyres can be rather expensive. This makes increasing the life of your car tyres as much as possible very important so you don’t have to change them on a regular basis. There are many different ways in which people think they can prolong their tyre life but for some, they remain ignorant to the importance of prolonging their tyres for as long as possible.

Tyre wear can be caused by a number of different factors. Most of these factors can be prevented or at least delayed so that you will not have to change your car tyres on a regular basis. But some motorists are unaware of the signs that people can look out for that indicate that your tyres are wearing at an increased rate compared to the rate that they should be wearing at. Identifying some of these signs can be a useful way of telling you that you should be taking more care of your tyres when driving in order to prolong your tyre life.

FMP Motor Factors have produced a guide on how you can increase the life of your car tyres so you don’t have to fork out an unnecessary expense that could have been avoided if you took better care of your tyres. This guide also explains some of the common causes of tyre wear so that if you are noticing that you are having to change your car tyres regularly, you can adapt your driving style or how you treat your tyres so you can prolong the life of your car tyres and save you money.

Common Causes Of Tyre Wear

There are certain common causes of tyre wear that will mean you will have to change your car tyres. But some motorists are unaware of the most common causes of tyre wear and simply accept having to pay for a new set of tyres. But if people knew some of the possible causes, then they could take preventative measures in order to avoid having to change their tyres as regularly. FMP Motor Factors have provided you with the most common causes of tyre wear which you can see below.

  • Tyre pressure – It is important that on a regular basis, especially before long journeys, that you check the tyre pressure. If you drive with the tyre pressure too low, it will cause excessive wear and tears to the edges of the tyre which will shorten the tyre life. It is important that you don’t have too much pressure in the tyres however, as this will cause unpredictable handling. When you are checking the tyre pressure, you need to make sure that the tyres are cool. This is because checking the tyre pressure when the tyres are warm or hot will give an inaccurate reading.
  • Driving style – bad driving is another common cause of tyre wear. Breaking harshly and accelerating too quickly will have a detrimental effect on the life span of your tyres. Drivers should also be careful when driving over speed humps and avoid driving over curbs as this will also damage your tyres.
  • Failing to check the tyres – increased tyre wear can also be caused by items being wedged in the tread of the tyre. It is important that you check for stones or anything else that may be lodged in the tyre tread, as well as any bulges or uneven wear. Anything that is lodged in the tyre tread will wear out the tyre at an increased rate as it will be scratching and cutting away at the tread of the tyre when you are driving. Any bulge, cut or bump in the tyre needs to be treated straight away as it shows that the tyre is in poor condition and therefore could give out at any moment, putting yours and other lives at risk.
  • Brake dust – another common cause of tyre wear is having brake dust between the brake disks and brake pads. Brake dust can cause a problem for tyres as it can cause erosion of the protective coating of the tyre. In order to avoid this, you can fit low dust brake pads and dust shields around the tyre to limit the amount of dust and dirt that can get into the tyre area.

Increasing The Life Of Your Car Tyres

Now you know some of the most common causes of tyre wear, it is important that you know about increasing the life of your tyres. There are certain measures that you can take that can increase the tyre life and mean that you will not have to change your tyres as often as you currently do. Here are some tips that we have come up with to help you increase the life of your car tyres.

  • Slow it down – as we said previously, accelerating too quickly and breaking harshly will put unnecessary strain on the tyres. To avoid this try to limit the amount of fast starts and quick stops in order to avoid putting strain on your tyres. Also, if you tend to drive quickly then you should reduce the speed in which you drive in an attempt to reduce the amount of harsh breaking you have to perform to come to a stop. By doing this, you will notice that your tyres will last a lot longer then they currently do.
  • Beware of hazards – there are a number of hazards such as potholes on today’s roads that drivers need to be careful. To avoid inflicting damage on your tyres, you should try to avoid these hazards where you can. If you are unable to avoid them, then you should slow down when driving over damaged roads or potholes to limit the damage being caused to your tyres. Hazards such as potholes will damage the sidewalls of your tyres if you drive over them at speed so this should be avoided at all costs.
  • Proper rotation and alignment – you should also always make sure that your tyres are correctly aligned and balanced. Having your tyres rotated will make sure that the wear on your tyres will be evenly distributed. It is important that you do this especially if you tend to make specific turns when driving as one side of your tyres will be wearing quicker as a result of turning one direction more often. It is recommended that you get your tyres rotated by a specialist garage every 6 months. Having your tyre correctly aligned is also important to avoid excessive tyre wear.
  • Check the tyre tread – another way to increase the life of your car tyres is to regularly check the tread on all of your tyres. You want to have a minimum of 1/8 inch tread on your tyres at all times so you don’t lose traction when driving and expose your tyres to excessive strain. To test the tread of your tyres you can stick a penny in the grove of the tyre and if you can see the majority of the coin, your tread is too low.

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