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No matter what kind of driver you are or how experienced you are in dealing with issues on your vehicle, every driver has had experience in using some sort of car tools. There are a wide range of car tools, each of which can be useful in certain situations. But there are some car tools that are essential and should be a part of every car tool kits. Different people think that different car tools are important and argue about what are the essential car tools that every car should have. But which tools are the most important?

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Most motorists are able to repair the most basic of issues at the side of the road. But to do this you will need certain basic car repair tools within your car. It is no use knowing how to repair a certain problem if you don’t have the tools available to you to allow you to fix it. This makes always having a set of tools handy in your vehicle vitally important as it will allow you to repair basic mechanical issues yourself and prevent you from having to call out a recovery service.

Essential Car Repair Tools

There are certain car repair tools that are essential for every car if you want to be prepared for most situations. There are obviously going to be some situations where some car tools are not going to be of use to you, but by equipping your vehicle with the car tool sets,  you will be prepared and ready to carry out some basic repairs. FMP Motor Factors have provided a list of the most essential car tools that every car should have:-

Hydraulic jack – this tool is essential as this allows you to view the underside of your car or to allow you to change a flat tyre or puncture. Without this there is no way you will be able to lift the car off of the ground to carry out any basic repairs, making this tool essential. You should ensure that you invest in a quality hydraulic jack however, as you will want to be able to easily lift the car off the ground, especially if you have a larger or heavier vehicle.

Puncture repair kit – this is an essential tool to always have in your car as you never know when you may get a puncture. Due to the many hazards that are on today’s roads, the chances of a puncture are quite high. This makes a puncture repair an essential tool to have available as it will allow you to simply repair the puncture and allow you to get on your way. It will also save you the arduous task of having to change a punctured tyre.

Tyre wrench – this is a very essential to always have available as this will allow you to loosen bolts on the tyres if you ever need to remove them. Bolts on the tyres are very tight, so a normal wrench will not be sufficient enough to loosen them. Only the use of a tyre wrench will be enough to loosen the bolts enough to allow you to remove a tyre. This is very important as there is always a chance of a tyre becoming flat as you are driving and you need to fit the spare tyre on to meet the rules and regulations of the road.

Jump leads – this is another essential car tool to always have in your car. There is a chance that your car may not start on your travels due to a lack of energy in your engine. So if you have a set of jump leads in your car, it will allow you that extra charge of energy that will allow your engine to start and to get you on your way. Without a set of jump leads available, you will need to call out a recovery service which could take a long time.

Flashlight – this is one of the most important tools that you should always have in your car. If you ever encounter an issue when it is dark, then you will need a flashlight in order to see what the issue is. Without a flashlight, you will not be able to see firstly what the issue is, and then you won’t be able to see enough to make the necessary repairs to the issue.

Reflective triangle – the final essential tool that you will always need in your car is a reflective triangle. This is so important for yours and other people’s safety as if you are ever broken down on the side of the road, this tool will allow other motorists to see you. Without this tool available, there is more of a chance that other motorists will not see you parked on the side of a road, especially at night.

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