Vehicle advice and guidance for Women Drivers

Women driversAt FMP Motor Factors we firmly believe that the more you know about your care, then the better you can care for it and drive it.   So understanding the finer details of how the car works and how to ensure you get the best replacement parts will not only ensure that your vehicle runs for longer but also makes dealing with your garage or car parts supplier much easier.

We’ve come up with some top tips for women drivers to ensure they get the most out of their vehicle by improving the performance of the car through careful maintenance and timely repairs.  By following these guidelines, you will avoid putting your car parts at risk of damage and prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs

Tip 1 – Checking the Oil

Checking the oil in your vehicle is extremely important, as a low level oil can impact on other engine parts.  It’s a simple process to check your oil levels.  Simply open the bonnet (if you’re not sure how check the car manual), find the oil dipstick (see image below) and pull it out slowly.   Using an old dry cloth or a paper towel, wipe the oil off the end of the dipstick and then put it back.  Remove it once again and check the end of the stick.  This will show you how much oil is left in the car.  There will be minimum and maximum guidelines on the dipstick.  If the oil is below the minimum level, add more oil (your manual will also give you guidance on the type of oil you should use and how much you should add).

Tip 2 – Making An Oil Change

You don’t have to know how to make an oil change in your car, in fact we recommend that you don’t attempt this but go to a reputable garage; but it is important to know when you should change your oil.   If you have an older vehicle, then generally the oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.  For newer cars, you can usually leave it until you reach the 7,500 mark before making the oil change.

Your car owner manual should provide information on guidelines for making oil changes to your particular car make and model.

Tip 3- Checking other fluids

Oil is not the only car fluid that you should check regularly as there are many others that are equally important when it comes to the running your car correctly.  You can easily check the windscreen and coolant fluids but when you visit your garage to get your oil changed, you should also ask them to check the transmission and power steering fluids too.

Apart from replacing windscreen fluid yourself, you should ask the garage mechanic to fill up or replace the others in order to make sure that your car runs smoothly.

Tip 4 – Don’t Miss the Annual Check Up

Your car should have a regular check up (ie service) at least once a year.  This small, annual investment will save you £00’s in expensive repairs in the long run.  Your chosen garage should check all the different car parts including brakes, tyres, fluids, filters, battery, sensors, and hoses, and look for any parts that may need to be replaced or repaired.   This will also prevent small problems escalating into big ones.

Tip 5 – Don’t Ignore the Warning Lights

Modern cars are all fitted with warning lights on the dashboard designed to alert you to any engine or performance problems with your car.  Knowing what each warning light means is important so you can identify the problem straight away.   Explanations of each warning light can be found in your car owner’s manual.

These tips may seem simple and obvious but they are vitally important when it comes to prolonging the life span and performance of your car.

At FMP Motor Factors we work with a wide network of garages and car dealers as well as individual car owners to provide the best quality car parts to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of your vehicle.

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