Drive Safely This Winter

With autumn arriving with dropping temperatures, rain and winds, driving conditions have become more difficult. Even for the most experienced of drivers, this means that precautions need to be taken to ensure that you can drive safely. All drivers will need to alter their driving styles in autumn and winter conditions as factors such as visibility and grip will be greatly reduced in conditions such as torrential rain, high winds, fog and possibly even snow.

It is important that before driving during these poor conditions that precautions are taken before even setting off on your journey. Drivers should ensure that their cars have all of the safety equipment in them  as well as regularly checking all of their car parts during the winter season. By having all of the necessary safety equipment always in your vehicles, as well as taking the necessary measures for the winter conditions will ensure safe winter driving for you and other motorists on the road.

FMP Motor Factors have provided a guide on safe winter driving that if followed will ensure that you are kept safe when driving during the winter season and explains some measures that should be taken to ensure that you are prepared for the potentially hazardous conditions that could follow.

Safe Winter Driving

Because the conditions in winter tend to be worse than other times of the year, extra care and attention needs to be taken when driving to ensure your safety. You cannot drive the same way in which you would on a warm clear day during the summer months, in wintry conditions as factors such as stopping distance and visibility will be a lot less. FMP Motor Factors have provided some tips on safe winter driving to make sure you stay safe when driving this winter.

  • Allow extra distance between cars – because of the decrease in stopping distances and visibility, you should make sure that you leave extra room between yourself and others. This will provide you with an increase in time to allow you to take action if something happens in front of you.
  • Accelerate slowly and brake steadily – this is especially important in icy conditions. If you are driving on ice, make sure you accelerate slowly and brake steadily. Make sure that you avoid sudden braking so that you avoid losing control of the vehicle. When drivers need to slow down or stop, continuously pump the brake so that you gradually slow down until you come to a stop.
  • Stay alert – this is the most important safe winter driving tip as due to the more hazardous conditions, the chances of an accident or something happening on the road will increase. This makes keeping an eye on the road and everything around you vitally important so that you can take the necessary action if something out of your control does happen.
  • If you ever slide, steer into the skid – there is a chance that you may hit some black ice when driving during the winter season. If this occurs, then chances are your vehicle might slide. It is important that if this happens that you steer into the skid in order to correct it safely. If you do start sliding, make sure that you do not jerk the car in any direction as this will cause you to spin and make the situation a lot more dangerous.

If these tips still make you feel unsure about driving in winter conditions, there are some winter driving courses that are available that specialise in teaching you to safely drive, even in the worst of conditions. These courses are taken by instructors who have years of experience in driving in winter conditions and can deliver the best possible training.

Preparing For Driving In Winter Conditions

Before going out and driving in winter conditions, it is strongly advised that you take some precautionary measures before setting out on your journey. Making sure that you have all of the possible safety equipment and features within the vehicle, will ensure that you are prepared for most eventualities that may occur during the winter season. It is also important that you regularly check all of the equipment and engine levels of your vehicle before any journey so that you are prepared for the difficult conditions. Here are some ways in which you can prepare for the winter conditions before setting of on your journey.

  • Chains or winter specific tyres – winter tyres are necessary to provide adequate traction in snowy or icy conditions. These tires provide superior traction over regular tyres so that you will have increased grip to the road in wintry conditions. Drivers that won’t see a lot of snow may opt to carry chains that can be applied to their all-season tires in an emergency instead. Drivers who still have their regular tyres fitted, should look to change them to winter tyres before conditions get too severe.
  • Good wiper blades – good wiper blades are a must for winter driving. There’s nothing worse than turning on your wipers only to find that six months of sun have rendered them virtually worthless in snowy conditions. High quality wiper blades will ensure that you maintain as much visibility as possible during a storm.
  • Make sure your windshield washer works – you should make sure that your windshield washer is always full of anti-icing fluid before setting of on a journey. This is so that during your journey you don’t run out and cause your windshield to fog up. To make sure this never happens, drivers should consider carrying a spare bottle of windshield fluid in their cars if visibility becomes too poor.

FMP Motor Factors provide high quality car parts and accessories that will keep you as safe as possible during the winter season across all of South Wales including Cardiff and Port Talbot. At FMP Motor Factors we work with a wide network of garages and car dealers as well as individual car owners to provide the best car parts and accessories, as well as offering advice on a wide range of motoring issues.

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